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iSHIELD FrozenBlack-Graphene


  1. N1 Silkness and 10H Hardness
  2. Fast & Easy application
  3. Semi-permanet coating will not be affected by washing
  4. 2-6um thickness
  5. Easy-to-clean
  6. High gloss finish
  7. Prevent color fading
  8. Protects painted bodywork, chrome and exhaust
  9. Easily sheds dirt, rain and snow
  10. Outstanding scratch resistance
  11. Requires a single, thin coating
  12. Oxidation and corrosion resistant
  13. Advanced chemical and solvent resistance
  14. Cured coating may be re-coated, waxed or sealed over
  15. Withstands Extreme Temperatures
  16. Low VOC
  17. Low surface energy
  18. UV resistant


Car paint, plastic parts, glass (outside the car), chrome-plated parts, headlights, etc.


  1. Be sure to clean and dry the car before graphene ceramic coating
  2. No any drop of water within 2 hours after application. Do not wash the car for 2 days
  3. If you need to apply more layers, the interval to each layer must be more than 1 hour


  1. Easy application
  2. The whole car can be applicated and wiped
  3. One-time maintenance is effective for at least 3 years

The parameters after application


  1. Restore paint before application. FROZEN BLACK is not a paint restorer!
    It’s a protective coating!
    Any claying, polishing, and restoration work should be carried out before application.
  2. Best results are achieved with Body Shop Safe compounds containing no wax or
    fillers that will have to be removed before application.
  3. Wash and dry paintwork.
  4. Remove any sealants from the paint surface. Use Paint Prep, Degrasers or Alco
  5. Test an inconspicuous area to confirm compatibility, pay special attention to repainted parts.
DO NOT APPLY IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT – apply to a completely dry, cool surface.

  1. Misapplication can often be corrected by splitting the panel into smaller sections
    and reapplying the product as directed.
  2. For faster application, a microfiber sponge may be used as an applicator.
  3. Application is easiest when the product is applied at temperatures between 10-30°C.
  4. At higher temperatures, larger panels may be broken into two or more sections to compensate for faster evaporation of product.

You may apply the product on a small section of a side window to gauge how quickly the product will dry at a given temperature. This way, you can apply the product to smaller sections to compensate for faster drying.

  1. Apply FROZEN BLACK Protection coating, covering an entire panel or panel
    section evenly with a thin coat. Any “touch-ups” of missed spots should be done
    after all. If additional coats are desired, wait until the initial coating is fully hardened (1-4 Hol
  2. Approximately 2-5 minutes after application (depending on temperature and humidity) to the panel or section gently buff to a gloss with a dry microfiber towel.
    Do not allow the product to dry completely.
  3. In high ( 30° C +) temperatures drying time may need to be reduced to less than 1 minute ensure that coating not dried completely.
  4. If you notice any missed spots after buffing, you can re-treat the spot with FROZEN BLAC and re-buff the area with a microfiber towel.
  5. Always test an inconspicuous area to confirm compatibility, pay special attention to airbrushed or custom paintwork.
  6. Be sure to check all areas after application to make sure no spots need re-buffing.
  7. Ready for light / dry driving after 8 hrs. Product cures within 4 hours. Coating will exhibit additional hardening over the next 7-14 days.


  1. Overlapping application sections is OK when splitting a panel into sections.
  2. You can use entire contents of bottle on one vehicle; the product will not be stored after opening.
  3. Pressure may build slowly in the container. Open the container slowly.
  4. Product is hydrolytically sensitive (reacts with moisture). Prevent the uncured product from coming into contact with water.
  5. Store product in a cool, dry place.


  1. Proper personal protective equipment should be used. A respirator is recommended for applications in closed and poorly ventilated areas. Solvent resistant gloves are recommended.
  2. Do not allow Paint Prep to dry before wiping from the surface.
  3. Do not leave soaked rags on painted surface. Do not leave on product on painted surface longer than 30 seconds.


  1. Do not ingest. If taken internally seek medical advice.
  2. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. May cause lung irritation.
  3. Keep the uncured product away from open flame and sources of ignition.
  4. Refer to MSDS for additional information.
  5. This application guide is not designed to serve as or be substituted for an MSDS on this product.
  6. When properly applied FROZEN BLACK Coating becomes permanently bonded and can only be removed by polishing (compounding) or wet sanding.
  7. Your use of FROZEN BLACK Coating is an acknowledgement that you understand iSHINE Coating Products forms a permanent bond with painted surfaces. User accepts full responsibility for any application issues.
  8. This product is intended for professional use. Application instructions need to be adhered to in order to achieve optimal results.

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